RT HON ADEBO OGUNDOYIN:A New Dawn Not A New Down – Comrade Aborode Oyeniyi


Congratulations to Rt. Hon Adebo Ogundoyin on his inauguration as Speaker, Oyo state House of Assembly. It is no surprise for me as I have stated in my article published on March 4 before the 2019 election. I wrote that provided Seyi Makinde wins and you also, the seat of the speaker is meant for you. This is a very big feat for eruwa, Ibarapa and Oyo state. To have the youngest and also the most vibrant speaker in Nigeria is historical and of great loudness. This feat won’t be achievable without the support of Eruwa community that voted for you and also Eruwa elders who supported your ambition irrespective of their choices during election. Also, massive regards to Yeye Tina Ogundoyin for this dream come true.

But amidst the celebrations of this victory, I would like to remind you of some things and also bring to your observation some other things.

Hon Speaker sir, it is of great importance to know that you are now the political leader of Eruwa and the entire Ibarapa land. Every political happening in the region will be attributed to you even if it’s in no way associated with you. In your interest and to also protect both your personal and political image, please pick at least 3 good political analysts who have knowledge of the past and vision for the future to be part of your official team. Also carefully pick your media aides as they play a very important role in representing you in modern day politics.

Knowing fully well that a lot of people are of great assurance that you will deliver, there are also a lot expecting you to fail. It’s very normal in this world where every individual is sentimental in nature. Its left to you to decide the side that will win sir. A lot of young people all over the nation now see you as a role model and you will be used as a case study often on media and several meetings all over Nigeria and even abroad. If you succeed, a lot of people will succeed and if you fail, a lot of people will fail too as you carry a lot of destinies on your shoulder knowingly or unknowingly. Loyalty to the Governor’s developmental agenda, loyalty to the party and most importantly, loyalty to the masses will earn you several more powerful positions in the nearest future. You should consider this as a test for future positions. It’s of notable importance that if a governor will come from Ibarapa region, the prophesy is meant for you. For those that will ignore this and say Ibarapa is small, Imo state should be an example for them. The region ruling Imo state presently is Mbasae. Further research can be done by interested people.

With so much confidence, I believe you know what to do for your constituency and oyo state at large having studied your manifesto very well but irrespective of that, let me quickly remind you of some particular projects before concluding this article. Using your father’s achievements as part of your campaign tools is not just politics. Going by history, your late dad Chief Ogundoyin was one of the brightest stars Eruwa has ever produced with certainty that his name will live forever as long as Eruwa lives.

He started Ogundoyin babes, a football club in the Nigeria Premier league then. He saw the future when he started the football club. We now have a lot of soccer talents in Eruwa of which some are getting signed abroad. I will plead with you to revive Ogundoyin babes sir. It is not difficult to do if necessary logistics are put in place. It’s to get a slot in the second tier of Nigeria National league and watch them play their way to Nigeria Premier League. It will also improve the economy of Eruwa as well as Oyo state as teams all over the nation will be coming to Oyo State for their aways games.

Hotels will blossom as well as other businesses and there will be more recognition for Oyo state through one of the most profiting investments in the world called Soccer. Also as a close friend to Davido who is undoubtedly one of the biggest artistes in Africa, please influence the entertainment industry in Oyo state positively and massively. And lastly, with 10% of budget to go into Education as promised by Governor Seyi Makinde, the whole of Ibarapa has committed in your hands Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic Eruwa, Oyo State College of Agriculture and technology Igboora, College of Education Lanlate and all government secondary schools and primary schools.

Sir, keep working with the Governor, Elders, all Oyo state communities and with Oyo State as an entity. Oyo state House of Assembly is an institution on its own and God will order your steps in directing it well.
God bless Rt Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin
God bless Eruwa
God bless Oyo State
God bless Nigeria.

Written & Compiled By: Ashiwaju Aborode Taofeek Oyeniyi (CEO Neyochin Events)


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