‘I never promised to fix Apapa gridlock in 60 days’ – Sanwo-Olu says


Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has made a U-turn, demanding that he never guaranteed to illuminate the Apapa gridlock emergency in 60 days.

The senator said this while handling inquiries from State House journalists in Abuja on Tuesday.

Sanwo-Olu, who was still senator choose on May 18, 2019 had during an intelligent session with his colleagues at the Executive Master of Business Administration class, University of Lagos, 1998/2000 set, said that he would end the extended gridlock in Apapa territory of the state inside the initial 60 days of his organization.

He said not disapproving of the legislative issues included, he would free the region of the considerable number of trailers whose tasks have been in charge of the unmanageable gridlock.

Sanwo-Olu had stated, “The Apapa trailer issue; it’s a crusade issue, it’s intense. I’m going to pay attention to it very. I accept that it is something that we will illuminate in the initial 60 days of our administration. Whatever will be expected of us, we will take them out.

“There is a ton of legislative issues being played around there. However, no, it can’t be the manner in which we’ll keep on living. We can’t keep on giving reasons.”

Talking with correspondents on Tuesday, in any case, the senator said he never guaranteed to clear the traffic clog in 60 days rather, he would survey what has been done on Apapa streets in 60 days.

He recognized President Muhammadu Buhari for setting up a team to address the Apapa issue yet said a changeless arrangement would possibly be achieved when the port has been decongested.

The representative stated, “Strangely, a few media houses have really been tallying down on me. They said that I referenced during the crusade train that I was going to clear it in 60 days. I have referenced it previously, what I said was that in 60 days we would audit what was done yet that does not take the way that regardless of whether individuals give you dateline, this is on the grounds that they need you to progress admirably and they need you to have the option to be responsible for those datelines.”

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2 comments on “‘I never promised to fix Apapa gridlock in 60 days’ – Sanwo-Olu says

this our leader are found of making promise and still deny it when it come to stage of work.

i think Nigerian need military to rule over them

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